Want to crack CAT 2015?

Want to crack CAT 2015? Stay Calm, Respond Fast

Source:| By: ARKS Srinivasan (CEO, VistaMind)

Do not spend more than two to three minutes on a question, say experts .

If you want to crack the Common Admission Test (CAT), follow this golden rule:

  • Do not panic
  • Do not spend more than two to three minutes on a question
  • Enjoy solving the challenging questions.

If you want to fare well, you should not panic during the exams.

“If you are taking the exam on the 11th, it is too late to start studying a new topic. The good news is that the pattern for this year will be similar to last year’s. Hence there won’t be surprises for students during the exam,” Ajay Antony, vice-president of TIME Institute, said.

Students, who have been preparing for the exam for months,  may have taken a number of mock tests and they will be knowing their strengths. So they should revise accordingly,” he said.

“Surprises tend to be hyped by the media. I’ve  been training students for 16 years and I can vouch that if you are prepared, you are not going to be surprised,” he said.

Candidates should be level-headed during the exam.

“If there is a question you find difficult, realise that most others taking the test will also be finding it difficult,” he said.

According to ARKS Srinivas, CEO of VistaMind, if a candidate is not able to crack a question in two minutes, chances are he or she is never going to crack it.

“Finish the paper completely so you don’t waste several minutes on a single question. If you can’t answer something in two to two-and-half minutes, leave the question. You might crack the question once you leave the examination hall but you simply won’t do it during the exam due to pressure” he said.

Candidates should enjoy the experience of taking the examination.

“A lot of the aspirants choke because they  think about the results while taking the exam. But there are funny and challenging questions in the exams. They should enjoy solving them,” he said.

December 19, 2014

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