Shariq Khan

Dear Mam,

I joined Vistamind mainly  to improve my verbal skills and was not disappointed. The faculty here is very good and co operative.I was given a book of ETS after I joined and was also given six manhattan tests one month prior to my exams which really helped me prepare for the GRE. The verbal ability practice papers that were solved in the classes were very close to what we get in GRE. This gave me an overall idea as to how the GRE will be and it really helped me in doing well. What i liked most about Vistamind is that they not only helped me to do well in GRE but also guided me after the exam as to which Universities will be apt for my score. Geetha Shah mam the head faculty is really very cooperative and she inspires you to do well and  get good marks. I recommend others to join Vistamind as i found it really helpful.

Thanking You
Shariq Khan


Shariq Khan GRE Exam

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