Dhananjay S. Rao

Dear Vistamind,

I had a dream of pursuing my higher education in Germany and I set myself a target score of 315 in my GRE exam. So I joined Vistamind to get coaching for my GRE exam.

Here I got a great deal of help both expected and unexpected.  Expected help in the form of excellent quality of teaching, helpful tips, complete set of study materials, and more. Unexpected help by the manager of Mysore branch of Vistamind, Mrs Geetha Shah who help me with each and every process required to achieve my aim of studying abroad, from applying to the GRE exam to applying to the universities of my choice. Because of Vistamind’s excellent coaching, I was able to secure a score of 322 in my GRE exam with a 100% in the quants section of the  GRE exam . I also received help for my upcoming IELTS exam even though I had registered myself only for the coaching provided  for the GRE exam. Also due to Mrs Geetha’s help, I did not feel the need for help from any counseling center.  And for this I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Vistamind and Geetha mam.

Your’s Sincerely,
Dhananjay S. Rao


Dhananjay S. Rao GRE Score - 322

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