Preparation for CAT 2015 Exam

Start the preparation for CAT 2015 Exam

Getting started with CAT preparation starts with a proper understanding of prescribed syllabus. Though it may look exhaustive and lengthy, cracking CAT exams demands understanding at a conceptual level with loads of practice.
You need to build a rich vocabulary and a problem solving ability for handling the questions. Again the task is not difficult but time consuming.
The preparation requires a tremendous amount of patience and persistence.
Though the CAT 2015 Exam is in November you can start the fun bit of preparation right now.

1.Analyze strong and weak points:

Identify and understand the problem areas for yourself. Take sectional tests if you can to see which parts of quant you are bad at etc. Start working on these problems – have a game plan to address each issue. For example, if your reading speed is bad, your target should be able to come up to say 400 words per min in 2 months’ time. Now plan how to achieve this target.

2.Build vocabulary:

Start reading. Read anything – books, newspapers, blog posts, other online articles etc.
This will also help you to increase your reading speed and give you a critical mindset that will come handy when you solve the long and boring RC passages.

3.Start working on brain teasers:

Start exercising your brain cells to boost your IQ to improve your problem solving abilities

There are a plenty of coaching Institutes that provide CAT coaching in India.
We in VISTAMIND focus towards a mentored learning program which strengthens the concepts from the ground level.
The effort of our team is not restricted to a class room study as we believe in providing the best of teaching aids to every individual and are aware that everyone is unique.
Our exhaustive study materials and dedicated and experienced faculty will explicitly provide every student with a personalized guidance and mentoring feedback on a regular basis.
VistaMind focuses on combining the talent and dedication of the best teachers in India with the latest in technology to provide the best learning platform to our students

December 20, 2014

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